Our Services

We deliver consulting services for small businesses to develop custom workflow, backup, disaster recovery, network infrastructure, and other information technology plans using off-the-shelf solutions with a focus on return on investment. A large focus of this role is communication and involves an excellent ability to translate and document requirements, issues, and solutions in layman’s terms. If you want to plan for growth and continuity, we look forward to working with you.

Hardware & Software Solutions

Tablet integration, Dual monitors, Office and Exchange, Skype and Text Message communications. The best platform to make your online contact form to go to the right person. Assistance writing the RFP for your new application. Login services that guarantee HIPPA compliance. Our goal is to empower our clients to achieve their dreams with seamless product integration.  

Remote & Onsite Support

JensCom stands behind your operation with 24 x 7 service and support. Just like having your own IT staff, we are always available to help. Where possible, we try to utilize remote assistance to address a problem immediately. Your JensCom contract can also come with our unique Pictographic Documentation. Written just for you, these manuals will help you become, in many ways, self-sufficient. However, in a world full of screens and phones, there is something to be said for a friendly face in a time of crisis. We’ll show up as often as needed to keep you humming along.

Remote Monitoring & Preventative Maintenance

This is crucial to keeping everything running smoothly, and each setup has different needs based on criteria, like the environment and workload. Our plans balance needs with responsible expenditures.

WiFi and Wireless Broadband Support

To most people, Wireless internet service is just invisible magic that makes their phones work. However, there are multiple factors to this critical part of your day to day operations. Speeds, capacity, access points, bandwidth, bursts, unintentional connections. Failure to understand these can lead to the dreaded question: Why doesn’t the WiFi work?

Need to live steam events? Want to promote social media interactions? Have multiple devices for each employee to support? Does your need increase during board meetings? Avoid embarrassment and let the JensCom expertise give you secure, critical coverage.

Web Hosting

To register a domain name, it takes little more than a credit card and some creativity. But to really find a home for your digital presence, and a connection between your physical offices and production to that site, for example, custom emails or point-of-sales, you need Jensen Communications. We have the resources and partners for content, design, and functionality that will turn your website into a digital brochure that will sell for you rather than just an archive of your business data.

Backup and Encryption

Every business or nonprofit organization, no matter their size or focus, relies in today’s world on a massive amount of data. It is in your best interest to secure all that information. But, not every business or nonprofit needs the same kind or amount of support. Jensen Communications can present your options both onsite and in the cloud, and together we can decide how much security your data needs now and in the future.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters can affect organizations of any size. Planning for the unforeseen can almost become a disaster of its own. JensCom has a variety of solutions that can help an organization prepare for and react appropriately to any issues, small or large, that may be encountered in the course of doing business. These include a custom Disaster Recovery Book; a manual that will restore functionality should a traumatic loss of operation happen.


We pride ourselves on our excellent communication and support for our customers. We place a large focus on working with you to help grow your company.

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Disaster Recovery

Sometimes disaster strikes. With our services, we are always prepared to do whatever it takes to get you back up and running after any size disaster.

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Our top priority is to make technology easy. We can develop a workflow and infrastructure tailored just for you to improve your productivity and efficiency.

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Consulting Services

Let us help your small business grow by putting our expertise to use. in developing your technological infrastructure or online presence.

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We can help protect your companies electronic assets with cutting-edge products and tailored solutions to keep you protected in a connected world.

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Microsoft Partner

As part of the Microsoft Partner Network, we offer expert support across all Microsoft and Microsoft Office products.

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