About Us

We do things a bit differently, and we think you’ll like that!

Beyond anything else, we consider ourselves your partner in overcoming IT challenges and creating opportunity through IT solutions. This philosophy and commitment to your success manifests itself in two key ways.

We learn how your operation works and how the people in it work with one another and technology. There are few things more frustrating than having to explain to someone how something is supposed to work when it’s broken. We get that, and because we’re your partner, when something breaks, we ALREADY know how it’s supposed to work and how to get it operational as soon as possible.


The JensCom team does not work in a void. But instead of leaving you to fend for yourself in a world of coders, marketers, equipment dealers, and installation contractors. We actively search for, vet, and interact with other vendors to help you along your path.

We also learn how your operation COULD work. If you’re a graphic artist with storage issues, we’ll phase in services so that your business can grow without massive upfront fees.  If you’re a successful small business trying to prepare for growth, we can help you take capital expenditures and make them operational services. If you’re a big dreamer who wants to make your entire team mobile with tablet offices and constant Wi-Fi and cloud access, we can build a custom system from scratch. The Jensen Communications team will actively engage in capacity planning for your endeavors, seek continuous improvement, and find the tangible options for your impossible dreams.

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Who We Are

Jensen Communications (JensCom) is a small business dedicated to providing information technology and computing strategy, consulting, and support to the small business, non-profit, and public sectors.

Founded in 2001, JensCom focused on teaching small businesses how to maximize their investments in computer networks. By creating an environment for clients to better share documents, files, and printers, etc., they were able to use technology to its full potential in accomplishing their mission.

JensCom has experience in the medical, government, enterprise, and non-profit sectors. We have coordinated collaborative software specialized for solopreneurs up to business with over 100 employees. No operation is too small to have a technology issue or needs and JensCom has solutions to fit any sized operation.

What We Do

We deliver consulting services for small businesses to develop custom workflow, backup, disaster recovery, network infrastructure, and other information technology plans using off-the-shelf solutions with a focus on return on investment. A large focus of this role is communication and involves an excellent ability to translate and document requirements, issues, and solutions in layman’s terms.

JensCom continues to help customers make prudent decisions to cope with the ever-changing landscape of technology. We start every contract with a systems and software audit, and always focus on long-term relationships over short-term sales, aiming to better understand of each business’ needs and goals.

Business Continuity

Partnering with Jensen Communications is like having a dedicated round-the-clock IT department, without the enormous cost or overhead.

Got a tech fire? We can put it out!

On call 24/7, always ready for whatever comes up.

Is Technology Helping Your Business WIN?

Let us turn your IT into an unfair competitive advantage!